Administration and the maintenance and filing of company records are the backbone of any corporate governance regime. To be done effectively, corporate administration requires experience and an understanding of the regulatory framework that applies to the organisation in question.

We have extensive experience in Company secretarial management in both private company and public company management including ASX listed entities.

Our team have provided corporate secretarial services for more than 40 years.

Our company secretarial services include:

  • ASIC compliance management, including performing the annual review, changes to company details, reporting relief lodgements and preparation and lodgement of ASIC forms
  • Managing meetings of directors and members, including preparation of agendas, notices and minutes
  • Updating and maintaining minute books and statutory registers
  • Attending board and committee meetings and producing minutes and matters arising from those meetings
  • Drafting circular resolutions, subsidiary minutes and authorisations under delegation
  • Assisting with reporting requirements
  • Advising on periodic/ad-hoc items for board and committee consideration
  • Operating as the Local Agent of foreign and domestic companies
  • Providing a registered office address for both Australian and foreign registered companies

What are the benefits of outsourcing corporate registry?

  • You are able to focus on your organisation's core activities.
  • Your organisation's records are stored safely with us and are readily accessible for prompt and efficient alteration.
  • You will be employing our expertise at extremely cost effective rates.
  • If you manage numerous companies your organisation will retain approximately 70% of the average annual charge for this service.
  • Profitability will improve for your organisation as you will be able to redeploy our human resources to your core business activities.

When a client chooses us to become its outsourcing agent we become the ASIC Registered Agent for the relevant company/companies. This is done at no cost to you and we do not require any up-front fees.

As the company's agent, David Garry and Associates:

  • receives all correspondence from ASIC relating to the company annual review statement and fees payable;
  • sends ASIC invoice statements to you for fees due or any late fees that need your attention;
  • is able to download a current ASIC search and debt reports for the company at no cost;
  • prepares the company's ASIC Annual Review Company Statement and directors solvency resolution and sends them to you;
  • lodges ASIC documents for each company so that you have proof of receipt of lodgement at ASIC;
  • can prepare and lodge all ASIC forms required.

Company Changes

We can prepare all necessary ASIC forms, company minutes and updated company registers for any changes that need to be made to a company. These documents are sent to you by email for signature to enable lodgement and are stored in our database. Most lodgements are made electronically through our interface programme with the ASIC register.

Should you wish to discuss our ability to meet your company secretarial obligations, please contact us.


Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The early stage of an IPO requires the appointment of an IPO executive team that is familiar with listing requirements.

Meeting with professional advisers at an early stage is the most effective way to identify the issues and minimise costs.

Advising on the relevant constitutional structure, guidance with respect to the right name, prospective trade mark, domain and other registrations to protect the naming rights goodwill from the beginning.

  • Evaluating the company’s corporate and capital structure.
  • Managing the due diligence process and conducting the legal due diligence investigation.
  • Advising the directors on their potential liability and the practical steps which can be taken to minimise the risk.
  • Preparation of Corporate Governance manuals for the Board.
  • Engagement of Independent Directors and Company Secretary.

Contact us today to discuss your Initial Public Offering.


General Meeting Services

We have the expertise and hands on experience to cater for the outsourcing of your member and employee reporting obligations, the maintenance of your registers and the management of your company meetings.

Members Meetings

The coordination of Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and General Meetings services for Public Companies requires expertise in the understanding of corporate Governance compliance.

The key elements of holding a Shareholders meeting are:

  • Understanding the corporate structure and the rights attached to classes of voting, dividend and return of capital.
  • document development (including printing and distribution)
  • provision of experienced personnel to welcome and register attendees
  • expertise to conduct and manage polls
  • receipt, validation and processing of proxies in line with the Corporations Act and each company's constitution
  • online proxy voting services
  • accurate and efficient reporting
  • electronic voting services

We work with our clients to deliver a premium experience that enhances the image of their company in the eyes of shareholders and the general community.

Employee Share Schemes

Many progressive companies have in addition to general members, separate employee plans, encompassing performance rights, options, incentive plans, loan plans, share plans and phantom plans with the added benefit of having both domestic and global capabilities.

We have the expertise to:

  • management of domestic and global employee equity plans
  • employee plan maintenance services
  • management of employee offer services
  • employee dividend services
  • foreign currency payment facilities
  • employee meeting services
  • employee share scheme reporting (ATO compliant)
  • share sale facilities
  • education and training services for both employers and employees
  • call centre and help desk facilities

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